See above what Brad Benner, former owner of X-Bar, Inc., had to say about selling his company to Jamison West consulting Services (now Arterian, Inc.

The Story of Arterian:

Arterian began as Jamison West Consulting Services in 1995. Operating as a one man shop in a break/fix model for about 10 years, Jamison was introduced to Managed Services at a regional conference and was immediately taken with the approach. He changed the business focus to a Managed Service platform and began hiring employees to support multiple clients using industry best practices. After several successful years in the industry Jamison decided the best way to continue to grow was through mergers and acquisitions of similarly constructed businesses. Contracting with an outside company he identified a potential candidate in a friend Brad Benner.
In 2002 Brad Benner founded X-BAR, an IT service company. Brad and Jamison worked in a peer group together and held many of the same ideals and structure for their businesses. X-BAR’s passion drove its success and over an 8 year period X-BAR was cemented as a major player in the SMB service space. In 2010, after many conversations with Jamison about the future of Managed Services, Brad decided to pursue other ventures and agreed to merge X-BAR with Arterian.

Founded by Marshall VanBeurden and Kevin Hoang, Titanium Ant functioned as a strong IT consulting business in downtown Seattle. Titanium Ant’s primary focus was providing Professional Services, Project work and consultative planning. Marshall and Kevin had agreed that Managed Services was the next area of opportunity. When Arterian presented the idea for merging companies in 2010 to enhance and expand of current service offerings both agreed with the strategic decision.

Arterian is not the sum of three companies. It is the culmination of over 16 years of professional and managed services experience. We are proud of our history and even more excited for the opportunity to pursue our goal to be Seattle’s premier IT services company.